Rally for Retail – Support your Small Business Retailers!

How You Can Help:

Rally for Retail is a project aimed at helping small business retailers throughout New England during this crisis. Many of you have asked how you can help small businesses in your town. Please consider purchasing a gift card at your favorite retailers. Many of these stores are fixtures in your community, they donate to class trips, school fundraisers, and countless silent auctions items to local nonprofits. These businesses are woven into the fabric of your community. Retail stores, like restaurants, provide employment to young people in our community.

Let’s help assure that these stores are able to open again. Please join our movement to help out these businesses and the limited number of employees they are able to keep at this point.

What To-do Next:

  1. Find yours or anyone’s favorite boutique!

  2. Buy a gift card or a few!

  3. Screenshot or take a picture of your gift card and post on any social media platform tagging @rallyforretail @island.outfitters @breakwatersurf

  1. Nominate a friend to encourage others to follow your lead!

Some smaller retailers do not have active websites that provide gift cards, but we have provided you with a contact for each location so give them a shout! They would love to hear from you!

Contact Rally for Retail:

If you would like to be a part of our project, please reach out! We would love to help! Right now, we are focusing on New England and summer destinations within the area, as we wanted to get the site live as soon as possible, but we are actively looking to cover more areas affected.

Please email Sofie at info@rallyforretail.com or call 334-399-3077. I look forward to speaking to all of you.

Check Out A List of Retailers Below:

Newport, RI

  • Island Outfitters | maradyth@islandoutfitters.com

  • Holebrook USA | holebrookusa@gmail.com

  • Team One Newport | 401-848-0884

  • Patagonia on Thames | 401-845-2196

  • Kristen Coates Gallery | hello@kristencoates.net

  • Lemon and Line | help@lemonandline.com

  • Island Pursuit | 401-851-8901

  • Harper and Tucker | 401-236-2623

  • Groovy Gator | 401-845-0084

  • Groovy Gator Kids | groovygator@gmail.com

  • Groove Newport. | groovenewport@gmail.com

  • Bohemian Bias | 401-619-2089

  • Anchored in Pink | anchoredinpink@gmail.com

  • Bellevue Kids | BellevueKidsNPT@gmail.com

  • Michael Hayes | 401-846-3090

  • Kristina Richards | 401-848-5284

  • Hooley USA | 401-849-8623

  • E.Frances Paper | pippi@efrancespaper.com

  • Shore Soap Co. | 401-846-0305

  • Eileen Graphics | eileenkorney@gmail.com

  • IMSY Swimwear | 302-537-1444

  • Pink Pineapple | 401-849-8181

  • Monelle | 4 01-847-9151

  • Kiel James Patrick | CustomerService@KielJamesPatrick.com

  • Style Newport | info@stylenewport.com

  • Created Purpose Tiverton, RI | createdpurposeri@gmail.com

  • Grenon’s of Newport | nicewatch@aol.com

  • Primavera | primaveranewportjewelry@gmail.com

  • Port of Paws | portofpaws@gmail.com

  • Crafty One Custom | craftyonecustoms@gmail.com

  • Wish | shopwishnewport@gmail.com

  • Re-sails | 401-849- 8623

  • Stalise Portsmouth, RI. | 401-293-5445

  • Bite Me Live Bait | nancysperoni@cox.net

  • Big Weather Gear/Helly | 401-849-6666

  • Marc Allen | marc@marcalleninc.com

  • The Green Onion Block Island | 401- 466-5161

  • Coastal 41 | valerieawilliams@cox.net

  • Fuller Gallery Jamestown, RI | tory@art02835.com

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