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Kicking off November with More Fun Surf

Happy Halloween everyone!’re probably getting tired of hearing us say it, but here it is again: MORE WAVES ON THE WAY! As we depart from a great October, it’s looking like some fun surf is in store for the Northeast (...again) to kick off November. Let’s get into the specifics.

High pressure over New England and New York moves offshore this afternoon. A series of low pressure systems and their associated cold fronts will cycle through the area from Thursday to Saturday evening, drawing up 15-25 knot SW winds (gusts up to 35 knots) during this time period. High pressure then returns to the region Sunday, causing winds to swing around to the NW at 10-15 knots.

Strong SW winds will produce sizable mid-period S/SW swell - ~10-12 feet @ 10 seconds - for New York and Rhode Island beaches by Saturday afternoon. This translates to head- to overhead-high surf. Conditions Saturday will unfortunately be choppy and disorganized, however RI folk may want to check some east facing spots as the winds swing west Saturday evening. NW winds on Sunday will groom out remaining swell, forecasted to be about chest- to head-high, for both NY and RI surf spots. Surf then begins to taper off through Sunday. Therefore, our call is Sunday (assuming the forecast stays the same as it is today). Tides in RI on Sunday are as follows – 1st tide is high at 4:39 AM, 2nd tide is low at 10:50 AM, 3rd tide is high at 5:05 PM, and 4th is low at 11:05 PM. Tides in NY on Sunday are as follows – 1st tide is high at 4:23 AM, 2nd tide is low at 10:38 AM, 3rd tide is high at 4:40 PM, and 4th tide is low at 11:05 PM.

Images 1 & 2: model of wave heights on Saturday afternoon (1) and Sunday morning (2) (courtesy of Image 3: buoy forecast for Montauk point buoy (courtesy of

We hope the forecast doesn’t stray far from what it’s showing now, and we hope you all score. Please contact us with any inquiries about the upcoming swell.


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The BW Team

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