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Let's Talk Sharp Eye Surfboards

Good afternoon everybody,

For today’s post we want to talk surfboards…of the Sharp Eye variety. For those of you that don’t know about the brand, the Sharp Eye operation was started by Brazilian shaper, Marcio Zouvi, who began his shaping career in the late 80's with Californian influences like Rusty, Linden, and Al Merrick. We quickly realized that Sharp Eye is one of leading brands producing high performance shortboards when we saw surfers like Filipe Toledo winning contests with Zouvi’s boards under their feet. Since then, Breakwater has been curating a quiver of Sharp Eyes that cater to an array of surfing abilities and wave types. The models we currently carry include the “Disco,” the “Disco Cheater,” and “Modern 2.”


The Disco is a high performance thruster reminiscent of the Channel Islands “Dumpster Diver,” and is a staple for most conditions. This shape features a healthy amount of rocker (medium nose rocker and full tail rocker), a single-to-double concave for drive and responsiveness during turns. These features, along with its wide outline, full rails and squash tail, allow for speed generation at will, increased paddle power, speed through flat sections, and overall high-performance surfing on waist- to head-high waves!


The Disco Cheater is essentially a groveler version of the Disco. Zouvi took all the same features – same rockers, concaves, and tail shape – of the Disco and then added extra overall area to birth the Disco Cheater. This design make the Disco Cheater a wave-catching machine that has more stability than its slightly-slimmer counterpart, and is thereby more user friendly. This board will perform with effortless grace in knee- to head-high waves.


As its name suggests, the “Modern 2” is a modern twist on the famous 80s twin fin from Mark Richards. This board features a three-fin lay out, and can be ridden as a traditional thruster or as a twin fin with a small trailer fin (highly recommended). Its wide outline, tucked-in fish tail, a bit of entry rocker, full rails, and a single-to-deep-double-concave give riders the ability to catch waves effortlessly, generate speed (especially when ridden as a twin), and perform fluid rail-to-rail transitions with plenty of control.

We offer each shape in a variety of sizes and volumes, so please check our board barracks on our website to find the dimensions best suited to you. Please forgive us if we exude stoke when talking to you about one of these shapes, it’s difficult not to. We’re certain that a Sharp Eye will complement your quiver very nicely, and that you’ll be raving about yours as much as we do once you get one under your feet. AND what’s even more attractive than their curves is their pricing; WE ARE CURRENTLY OFFERING $100 OFF ALL SHARP EYES WITH FREE LEASH INCLUDED. Sounds good, don’t it?


The BW Team

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