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Product Reviews on Some Winter Goodies

Good morning people,

After my toe-and-ear-numbing surf session yesterday morning, it is apparent that our beloved fall weather has become a fleeting memory. It’s late October – thicker jackets, beanies, 4/3 mm wetsuits, booties, etc. are now musts (*sigh*). Although this transition is bittersweet, we are excited for what this winter has in stock for the Northeast. We have therefore dedicated this blog post to inform you all about the soft and hard goods we are carrying in our shops that will keep your internal stoke fire burning as winter begins to rear its ugly head.

Soft Goods

Our top picks for winter soft goods are the Rip Curl Anti-Series fleeces & jackets. Rip Curl outdid themselves on this series of multi-condition clothing. All Anti-Series clothing features bonded and laminated fabrics to eliminate wind chill, welded zippers and durable water repellant (DWR) coatings for waterproofing, and rib panels for enhanced movement and breathability. You will definitely see us equipped with these to fight the biting wind chills and pelting rain that often accompany winter Nor’easters.

1. The Departed Anti Series fleece.......................................$85.00 Rip Curl’s best-selling fleece for good reason! This ultra-warm fleece features a DWR coating, chest pocket with Polyurethane (PU) zipper, hand pockets, contrast interior fabric, and heavy brushing for fabric softness. What makes this product superior to others is its ability to trap eat without being bulky, and of course it’s waterproofing feature.

Other tech specks:

  • 60% cotton 40% polyester

  • Standard fit

  • Hooded zip fleece

  • Side seam piecing details

  • PU coated hand zippers

  • Under arm rib paneling

  • Thumb holes

  • Interior zipper color pop

  • Heat transfers

2. The Elite Anti Series Windbreaker Jacket........................$65.00 A fashionable and functional garment, the Elite Anti series Windbreaker is a hooded zip windbreaker with DWR coating and hidden front hand and chest pocket zippers. It is made from a polyester/elastane composite material, giving the jacket a super stretch quality that ensures a perfect fit.

Other tech specks:

  • 94% polyester 6% elastane

  • Waterproof zip front

  • Zip left chest and front hand pockets

  • Long sleeves with elastic cuffs

  • Cinch drawcord hood

  • Hand wash

Hard Goods

Now that we’ve discussed the products that will keep you warm before and after your surf, let’s talk about those that keep you warm while you surf – specifically boots and gloves.

1. Rip Curl Flash Bomb Series

We are currently stocked with three- and five-finger 5mm Flash Bomb gloves, as well as 7mm mittens. Flash Bomb booties come as 5mm and 7mm, hidden split toe or round toe.

About Flash Bomb gloves...

  • E5 flash lining with a gel texture palm grip

  • Aquaban seal on the internal wrist to reduce water flush

  • Low profile heat tape which provides long term durability and water seal

Our prices:

$49.99 for Flash Bomb 5mm 3-Finger glove $49.99 for Flash Bomb 5mm 5-Finger glove

$49.99 for Flash Bomb 7mm mittens

About Flash Bomb boots…

  • Increased warmth with decreased weight

  • Lined with E5 flash lining and E5 flash lining tape

  • Stitchless compression strap

  • Velcro shaft closure

  • Super thin sole for structure and durability without bulk

  • “Anti-stink treatment” to reduce odor caused by bacteria…if you surf, you know the awful smell boots can quickly accumulate…

Our prices:

$74.95 for Flash Bomb 5mm split-toe boot $74.99 for Flash Bomb 5mm round-toe boot

$79.95 for Flash Bomb 7mm round-toe boot

2. Xcel Drylock Series We carry 3mm and 5mm Drylock gloves in the three- and five-finger options, and 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm Drylock boots in the round toe option.

About Drylock gloves…

  • Lined with Celliant black for greater warmth

  • Quick drying fibers

  • Taitex outer seam for durability

  • Drylock ankle seals for decreased water entry

  • Ergonomically place Velcro strap

  • Pull up ankle loop

  • 3 dimensional foot mold for contoured fit

  • Single rubber bottom for durability with board feel

Our prices:

$59.95 for Drylock 3mm 5-Finger glove $59.95 for Drylock 5mm 3-Finger glove

$69.95 for Drylock 5mm 5-Finger glove

About Drylock boots…

  • Lined with Celliant black for greater warmth

  • Quick drying fibers

  • Contoured fit

  • Taitex outer seam for durability

  • Textured outer skin for wind resistance

  • Drylock wrist seals for decreased water entry

  • Grip palm for traction on surfboard

Our prices:

$74.95 for Drylock 3mm round-toe boot $79.95 for Drylock 5mm round-toe boot

$84.95 for Drylock 7mm round-toe boot

3. Quiksilver Neo Goo & Syncro Series

We carry 4mm five-finger and 5mm three-finger Quiksilver Neo Goo gloves, and 5mm and 7mm round-toe Syncro boots.

About the Neo GOO gloves…

  • Fully dipped in liquid neoprene for lightweight warmth & no leaks

  • Molded webbing for structural support

  • Triple glued & blind stitched (GBS) seams reduce sew throughs & water entry

Our prices:

$44.95 for Neo Goo 4mm 5-finger glove $49.95 for Neo Goo 5mm 3-finger glove

About the Syncro boots…

  • F'N Lite neoprene made with air cell-rich limestone for lightweight warmth

  • Diamond Deluxe material maximizes stretch and traps air against skin for added warmth

  • WarmFlight® Far Infrared x2 thermal fleece lining on ankle and instep

  • Liquid Flex Seal (LFS) taped seams for comfort and leak prevention

  • Triple glued & blind stitched (GBS) seams

  • Back ankle pull loop system

Our prices:

$49.95 for Syncro 5mm round-toe boot $54.95 for Syncro 7mm round-toe boot

We hope you all get as excited about these featured products as we are! Be sure to stop by the shop soon to pick some gear up while it’s still on sale – 20% off all men’s and women’s outerwear (yes, this includes the Rip Curl jackets) and 15% off wetsuit/boot/glove bundles!


The BW Team

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