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The warm weather might still be lingering around but looks like we have a cold front making its why to the east coast later this week. It also looks like we have some swell incoming courtesy of Hurricane Michael, so it may be time to ditch that ratty old wetsuit and upgrade into something new. Lucky for you, the team over at Breakwater Surf Co has what you need to keep you warm in the water.

The last few years on the east coast we are starting to have unusually warm Fall seasons, so we are starting to see a trend at the shop where our customers are starting to pay a premium price for 3/2 & 4/3 wetsuits that will allow riders to stay warmer later into the season. The goal being to wear less rubber longer, and not dive into that 5/4/3 suit early.

Highline Lite Zipperless 3/2mm & 4/3mm - Zipperless Full Wetsuit

This suit has it all and then some. Let’s start with the lining, with its infrared thermal lining feature, the wetsuit is able to retain body heating using the suits “mineral-enriching fibers.” Next we want to look at fit, being that it’s a Zipperless suit, the main concern is stretching out of the neckline. Quiksilver uses F’N lite neoprene, a newer more flexible rubber and much lighter then past suits. A nice snug neck line helps to prevent excessive stretching while keeping water out, and the Zipperless feature allows for less chest rash when you’re paddling out. The last feature has become a staple on all suits nowadays but we still wanted to highlight the suits glued and bind seams (GBS). Quiksilver uses its Redsealseam technology, which is an ultra-light & flexible seam sealant that gives a water tight reinforcement.

The best feature about this suit….. THE PRICE!

Coming in at $249.95 & $264.95 respectively

Lady’s we didn’t forget about you either, you can’t introduce Quiksilver wetsuits without mentioning Roxy! And so we have the perfect Fall suit for you guys.

Roxy Syncro Plus 3/2mm & 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

Just like the guys Highline, the Syncro features the F’N Lite Neoprene which is made with air-cell-rich limestone minerals for lightweight warmth. They added Thermal Smoothie chest and back panels to retain heat and block wind. The Warm Flight infrared thermal lining transforms body heat into infrared energy to maintain warmth. Lastly Liquid Flex Seal taped seam allows for zero leakage and the GBS seams add for maximum flexibility and minimal water entry.

With a Price Tag of $199.95 & $209.95 respectively

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