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January 15, 2018

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Our Top Picks for Summer Surf Craft!

June 11, 2019


The northeast is (objectively) the most pleasant region of the country to inhabit in the summer. If you surf avidly, however, you may be longing for the winter at this point in time for one specific reason: the recent hiatus in quality surf. Unfortunately, the days of overhead+ groundswells will likely remain fond memories for now, at least until the inevitable uptick of tropical Atlantic activity. For now, the best we have to look forward to are some good ole’ gutless summer windswells.


But summer isn’t all that bad. After all, who doesn’t love trading off warm, stomach-high mush burgers with some buddies? This time of year is also a great time for newer surfers to hone their fundamentals. If you want to get the most out of summer windswells, however, it’s imperative that you have a good groveler in your quiver. More volume, fuller rails, a wider tail, and generally flat rockers are all the features you're going to need in your surf craft to conquer the sub-par summer surf. Lucky for you, we are stocked with grovelers, and we have chosen four for this article that we believe will outshine the rest. In no particular order, our summer surf craft picks are:






Upon first glance, any trained eye will recognize the potential this board has for small wave dominance.



  • Tail: A WIDE (we repeat: wide) winged swallow tail, providing effortless glide through dead flat sections and pivot points necessary to lean into a proper power carve when presented more critical sections

  • Rocker: Relatively flat entry and exit rockers, though nose offers some flip for more critical surfing

  • Rails: Medium rails with tucked hard edges in the tail, which equates to overall stability, speed, and hold

  • Concave: Deep single concave transitioning to slight double and vee out the tail - lift and predictability


The Vlad is a great shape for anybody who has recently graduated from their beginner foamie and seeks a proper shortboard, as it offers a great combination of features that allow for ease when catching waves and forgiveness that you need when venturing out of your surf craft comfort zone.





The BioDiesel is a small wave application of their new high performance shortboard, the “Turbo Diesel,” which I had the pleasure of bringing with me on my month long excursion to Bocas del Toro, Panama. After a quick glance and feel, I was immediately overcome with déjà vu. This is because Robert Weiner took the Turbo Diesel’s same rocker profile and lowered both ends on the BioDiesel, and kept the Turbo’s same tapered medium rails.




  • Tail: Squash tail

  • Rocker: Low entry with a slight amount of rocker from center through the tail

  • Rails: Rails are tapered in the nose, then transition to medium through center, and then medium thin through the tail

  • Concave: Single to slight double concave for lift and responsiveness through turns


These modifications provide enhanced wave catching ability and drive in subpar waves, while maintaining the performance feel and offering the option to go on rail, perhaps more so than the Vlad. Additionally, the Bio Diesel may be more suited for someone with a little more experience riding shortboards.






The Phantom XL is a squashed down and fuller version of the infamous Ghost, as sported by the surfing world’s beloved JJF. As an owner of the Ghost, I felt very familiar with the Phantom XL when feeling it out, just as I did with the Roberts “Bio Diesel” from owning a Turbo Diesel.