Xcel Men’s Hooded Infiniti 5/4 wetsuit seems to go forever. A new Radiant Rebound upper lining keeps the infrared heat coming and the blood flowing. Also new, a gridded Channel Flex exterior in the upper body reduces weight while boosting flex. Japanese limestone neoprene—featuring Nanoprene Lite, extra airy, warm, cush, and durable—outperforms standard, petrochemical neoprene. It’s also better for the Earth, like a lot of what Xcel does. A Thermo Lite liner wraps around your lower body like a beer koozie, keeping you comfortable and far from cold. A watertight chest zipper, 3x glued and blind-stitched seams, and Fusion X heat-bond tape inside make sure ocean water stays out. With proper love, this wetsuit will carry you through more years than you can remember.

XCEL Infiniti 5/4mm Hooded